Cost Explorer doesn't necessarily help you save in the most effective ways.  The UI leads you down paths that work best for AWS; it will suggest you save money in ways that are fairly short-sighted if you think about your spend and your infrastructure holistically.

It's an absolutely brilliant piece of software for AWS - they optimize in ways that save them money and pass along part of the savings to you.  But is it the way to critically examine your infra and make the best decisions for your organization?  Not even close.

Additionally, the complexity of the tool and the fact that it is very limited in the actions it can take on your behalf, means that there is a steep learning curve and a lot of time investment needed to achieve meaningful savings with it. 

Archera takes the analysis and management overhead of AWS costs off your plate, finding you the best deals and savings strategies that can be implemented in one click. We even have a data driven studies, highlighting why going with naive Cost-Explorer recommended strategies, like 100% Compute Savings Plans, may not be optimal for your business.

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