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Why Are My AWS Tags Not Showing Up in the Dashboard?
Why Are My AWS Tags Not Showing Up in the Dashboard?
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Sometimes AWS Configurations need to be edited to enable tags to appear in the billing APIs such as Cost Explorer that Archera relies on.

If you see that Archera is not surfacing expected tags in the segment analysis flow a common issue is that cost allocation tags are not activated in your AWS billing account.

To rectify this you can check if your account has activated cost allocation tags & if not then activate them following the tag activation process from AWS.

If you are seeing no tags available to activate in the AWS console you may need to ensure AWS Cost & Usage Reports are also enabled.

If the cost allocation tags are active and still not showing up in Archera you can can refresh them on the AWS Console following this flow:

Console -> billing and cost console -> navigation -> cost allocation tags -> Refresh

After activating/refreshing tags it can take up to 24 hours for AWS to surface the data in their APIs and for Archera to reflect the changes in your dashboard.

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