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Segment Dashboard - Overview
Segment Dashboard - Overview
Written by Jim Gallagher
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Segment Dashboard

Segment Dashboard acts as a diving off point for Teams managing specific aspects of Infrastructure. Segments can represent Product Lines, or specific areas of infrastructure that a team wants to group together to manage. The goal of it is to help you dive into Costs, Commitments, and Recommendations at a Monthly or Yearly Level. Dev and FinOps owners use the Dashboard as a monthly sync to show progress with Finance or

Cost Summaries

This section outlines how the Total Cost across the Segment compares to Budgets, Forecasts, and the prior period. The App also breaks out Cost and Saving for the given time period so you can see how your investments are paying off. You can set Budgets and Forecasts in the Segment Planner. Cost Forecast breaks down the timeseries of high level cost trends against goals for the current time period. Cost Trends breaks out specifici services and clicking on one will take you to Segment Explorer which will show specific segments of the infrastructure with trends.

Reservations’s automated portfolio matching system will help find the optimal blend of Reservations and other Cost Savings Plans. Commitment Coverage shows you the total amount of Coverage this segment currently has based on Coverable Cost. The Exchanges card gives you savings from commitments you can exchange or change. Finally the Expiring Commitments gives you a quick breakdown of upcoming planning that you might need to take. Clicking on the Expiring Commitments will take you to our Commitment Inventory page where you can setup reminders and automation around purchasing.


Infrastructure Recommendations such as Rightsizing servers or changing configurations can impact your Cost. To help track these recommendations, Archera connects to AWS Compute optimizer and other observability tools with Agents deployed in your environment, like Datadog. Provider Breakdown and Type Breakdown provides recommendations by Provider / Source as well as top recommendations by Type. When new recommendations come in they are flagged as New and team members can mark the stages from New, to Reviewed, to Completed.

Recommendations are currently in Beta, If your interested contact the team and follow these steps to setup Recommendations Page Article

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