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Archera Guaranteed RIs - Overview
Archera Guaranteed RIs - Overview
Written by Jim Gallagher
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AWS customers often find that their cloud cost forecasts are off by 10% - 30%. This variance of forecast accuracy with the changing demands for business means that future savings are often lost in longer term commitment lock in due to over committing on your spend commit. The budget accuracy issue with the amount of work to manually match utilization based reservations that provide more alignment with cost made it difficult to unlock this savings.

This is where Archera's Guaranteed RIs come in. They provide savings of a longer term commitment with automated management and resell of a reservation commitment. With Archera’s Automated Commitment Management Platform and Guaranteed RIs, teams can match their spend commit closer to their actual cost even if their initial budget was incorrect or if their business needs change in the future.

How does it compare to Savings Plans?

Savings Plans Save around 27% for a one year contract to 50% for a three year contract but you are unable to sell them back. Archera's Guaranteed RIs on the other hand can save you 40% but you can sell them back on a monthly basis without needing a 3 year lock-in. Our Purchase Planner will analyze your portfolio and find the best match of Savings Plans and Guaranteed RIs to match your business and infrastructure needs.

How do you address the risk of being a new company and the ability to buy back RIs?

Archera has created a number of controls to make sure our RI buyback guarantees persist through the life of the contract.

  • Our GRI premiums go into a cash reserve on hand so we can buy back the commitment & hold it while we are looking for demand in our private as well the the public market. More on GRI Premiums Here

  • Allowance are created for each customer through analysis of their portfolio

  • We only offer buyback on the most popular reservation types on the largest markets in which we have customers. This way both our current customer base and the general market is able to buy these Guaranteed RIs, if a customer chooses to sell them.

  • We do not sell Guaranteed RIs for burst / volatile usage within a month, our Guaranteed RIs cover ~100% of non burst usage.

  • The GRI program has its own insurance policy, provided by a 3rd party, securing customers independently of Archera.

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