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Archera Slack App - Installation and FAQ
Archera Slack App - Installation and FAQ
All about how to install and configure the Archera / Slack integration.
Written by Jim Gallagher
Updated over a week ago

Archera's Slack App allows you to receive a number of alerts through a Slack channel. In this article we will walk through the installation and configuration of the plugin.


  1. Install slack in your workspace from Archera’s General Settings Page.

  2. Type /add in the channel you want Archera’s slack bot to provide updates in.

  3. Click Add to Slack

4. Navigate to the channel you want it in and type /add.

5. Click on Add apps to channel

6. Click on the App and Add

You should see something like this:

Checking Where the Archera Slack App is Installed

  1. In the apps Section of Slack, click on App.

  2. Click on Configuration

  3. This takes you to the app information page in slack

  4. Scroll to bot User and the channels it's installed on will show up.

  5. 5. Click on in the Apps section, then Configuration.

You should see the channels listed:

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