Segment Explorer Pulls directly from the specific providers Cost API, so for example for AWS, Segment Explorer pulls from the AWS Cost Explorer API. These direct filters change based on the provider specific rules. Sometimes these rules will remove tax.

In the case of AWS query Rules.


Any taxes that are associated with the charges or fees in your cost chart. Cost Explorer adds all taxes together as a single component of your costs. If you select five or fewer filters, Cost Explorer displays your tax expenses as a single bar. If you select six or more filters, Cost Explorer displays five bars, stacks, or lines, and then aggregates all remaining items, including taxes, into a sixth bar, stack slice, or plot line that's labeled Other.

If you choose to omit RI or SP upfront fees, RI or SP recurring charges, or Support charges from your chart, Cost Explorer continues to include any taxes that are associated with the charges.

Cost Explorer displays your tax costs in the chart only when you choose Monthly drop down. When you filter your cost chart, the following rules govern the inclusion of taxes:

  1. Taxes are excluded if you select non-Linked Account filters, either singly or in combination with other filters.

  2. Taxes are included if you select the Linked Accounts filters.

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