What are the requirements to use GRIs?
Written by Jim Gallagher
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To leverage Archera Guaranteed Reserved Instances (GRIs), you will need to meet Either One or Both of the following Criteria:

  1. To Enable GRIs with a Money-Back Rebate Guarantee you need a valid U.S. Bank account to connect with Archera to receive GRI rebates


  2. To Enable GRIs with a Buy-Back Guarantee you need to have AWS Organizations enabled & be able to sign up and use the AWS RI Marketplace. See the following:

More Details on Enabling the AWS RI Marketplace Below:

If you do not have the AWS RI Marketplace enabled for your AWS organization already you will need to request access. For this you will need to be logged in as the Root User to your Master Billing Account. You will also need access to the Bank Account information for a valid U.S. Bank Account as well as a Tax ID for your company. This is a one time setup step per AWS organization

Those who cannot use RI marketplace:

1. Those without a U.S. Bank Account

2. AWS Accounts within an existing re-seller (sometimes ok - please check with us)

3. AWS AISPL accounts

4. AWS China Accounts

5. AWS GovCloud accounts

Additionally, the account that you plan to use Resell Guaranteed RIs in must be at least 30 days old: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/ec2-ri-buy-error/

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