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What are "EC2-Other" costs on Segment Explorer?
What are "EC2-Other" costs on Segment Explorer?

Details on usage costs from AWS Cost APIs

Written by Jim Gallagher
Updated over a week ago

On the Archera Segment Explorer, we break out cost information as reported by the AWS APIs. Confusingly, these APIs collect a number disparate, ancillary usage charges from EC2 into a category called "EC2-Other", which for some workloads can be large.

What's Included

Under the "EC2-Other" umbrella the following costs are combined:

  • EBS:VolumeUsage.gp2($)

  • EBS:SnapshotUsage($)

  • CPUCredits:t2/t3($)

  • NatGateway-Hours($)

  • DataTransfer-Regional-Bytes($)

  • ElasticIP:IdleAddress($)

  • NatGateway-Bytes($)

  • REGION1-REGION2-AWS-Out-Bytes($)

  • REGION1-REGION2-AWS-In-Bytes($)

  • Others

Essentially, these are the usage costs commonly associated with EC2 usage such as snapshots, CPU Credits, Data Transfer fees, etc.

Getting Visibility

To get further details on these individual costs, you can use the Segment Explorer "Group By" functionality. Select "Group By" and change to "Usage Type":

Next, select the services you want to collect information on. For example, here we are looking at all the DataTransfer costs:

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