You can add Archera's Trial IAM Read-Only credential to any AWS sub-account with at minimum access to cost explorer and optionally with the ability to generate a Cost & Usage Report.

This will enable you to access the full Archera platform, however much of the data around commitment coverage, savings & net spend will be incorrect until you install Archera's Trial IAM Read-Only credential to the master account in that organization.

The only exception to this that would allow the sub-account only install to be fully functional is if the sub-account is responsible for its own RI & SP purchasing, is not part of an EDP/PPTS organization & has AWS organization discount sharing turned off

With only your AWS sub-account connected to Archera you will be able to test scenario analysis, cost visibility & alerting, right-sizing planning & a preview of commitment purchasing & renewal tools, however you will not be able to move forward with commitment automation, custom cost reporting & Guarantied Reserved Instances

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