EC2 based GRIs leverage the public AWS RI Marketplace to transact. However, non-EC2 based RIs (e.g. RDS, ElastiCache, etc) are not eligible for the marketplace. So how does Archera offer GRIs for these services without a marketplace to transact?

Sub-account Transfers

Another mechanism exists that allows for transacting RIs with a known third party called a sub account transfer. The mechanism is very simple and described in this article from AWS.

How do I move accounts between organizations in AWS Organizations?

The process as it relates to Archera and buying back customer RIs is as follows:

  1. Archera creates new, empty sub-account in customer AWS Organization

  2. Archera buys non-EC2 GRIs in the sub-account on the customer's behalf

  3. Customer requests sellback of non-EC2 GRI when no longer utilized

  4. Archera assumes ownership of sub-account through transfer process linked above

The entire flow is transparent to Archera customers.

Is this within the TOS of AWS?

Yes! This is a very common process for AWS customers. For instance, when an entity signs up with an MSP they would undergo account transfers, or for example during M&A activities and two organizations are combined. Please contact us at with any further questions!

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