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How does Archera offer GRIs for non-EC2 services?
How does Archera offer GRIs for non-EC2 services?

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Written by Jim Gallagher
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EC2 based GRIs leverage the public AWS RI Marketplace to transact. However, Managed Database service based GRIs (e.g. RDS, ElastiCache, etc) and Savings Plans are not eligible for the marketplace. So how does Archera offer GRIs for these services without a marketplace to transact?

Sub-account Transfers

Another mechanism exists that allows for transacting RIs with a known third party called a sub account transfer. The mechanism is very simple and described in this article from AWS.

The process as it relates to Archera and buying back customer RIs is as follows:

  1. Archera creates new, empty sub-account in customer AWS Organization

  2. Archera buys non-EC2 GRIs in the sub-account on the customer's behalf

  3. Customer requests sellback of non-EC2 GRI when no longer utilized

  4. Archera assumes ownership of sub-account through transfer process linked above

The entire flow is transparent to Archera customers.


To be able to use non-EC2 GRIs - you'll need to have AWS Organizations enabled. AWS Organizations is a free service and requires a very simple process to enable, detailed here:

Is this within the TOS of AWS?

Yes! This is a very common process for AWS customers. For instance, when an entity signs up with an MSP they would undergo account transfers, or for example during M&A activities and two organizations are combined. Please contact us at with any further questions!

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