How Does Guaranteed RI Pricing Work?
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Guaranteed RIs or GRIs are a unique type of insurance for cloud commitments offered by Archera.

In exchange for the option to either get a direct rebate for underutilized committed value or entirely sell back any Reserved Instance (RI) or Savings Plan (SP) through Archera at any time after the minimum commitment period (either 30 days or 1 year), GRIs charge a small monthly risk premium only if the underlying commitment delivers saving for the customer, working out to a small percentage of the savings achieved by the GRI for the customer.

This means when a customer commits to an Archera GRI there will be two separate charges, one for the underlying native 1 or 3 year RI or SP billed by the cloud provider and one charge via the cloud marketplace from Archera for the GRI premium.

We have two main variants, 30 day and 1 year, that customers can choose between when purchasing a GRI each with a different monthly premium based on the risk assumed by Archera. Premiums may also vary slightly based on instance type, region etc.

The average customer savings from GRIs, net of the monthly premiums are shown here.

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