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Does Archera Offer Professional Services?
Does Archera Offer Professional Services?

If I need more assistance to configure my platform or commitment strategy can Archera's team help?

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Archera offer 5 targeted professional service offerings directly to customers from our in-house FinOps & Solutions Architecture team.

  1. For all new customers we offer a free 1 month long Free managed-setup service for the Archera platform, with a dedicated FinOps practitioner working with your teams to:

    1. Segment & Attribute your costs

    2. Build usage forecasts & set budgets

    3. Model & set a commitment strategies

    4. Automated FinOps related operations

    This service will also cover the operational excellence, performance, cost optimization & sustainability pillars of your AWS well-architected review.

  2. For customers who are interested in an expert review of their commitment strategies in Archera we offer a Free service to provide an expert review of the plans before they are executed.

  3. For customers who don't want to dedicate any internal resources to FinOps, we offer the ability to embed one of our FinOps practitioners in your organization who will build out & manage Archera as well as the broader cost-aware engineering operations around it in-line with best practices.

  4. For customers looking at building long term forecasts & budgets for cloud spending we offer a fully managed service to build a set of possible future scenarios with your team, this is usually done in-line with events like EDP negotiations.

  5. For customers looking to setup advanced accounting rules, track unit economics and build custom BI dashboards we have a fully managed setup service with our FinOps team working with the engineers, finance & leadership stakeholder to deliver a custom configured version of Archera to meet business requirements.

Archera also partners with MSPs, GSIs, Consulting Partners & AWS account teams, who are already working with customers, to augment their FinOps related professional services. Please contact us if you are interested in working with Archera through one of our 3rd party partners.

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