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Does Archera Help with Underutilized Infrastructure & Right-Sizing
Does Archera Help with Underutilized Infrastructure & Right-Sizing
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Due to Archera's security philosophy we never install an agent or take permissions to automate any infrastructure changes that could impact your application (like scheduling on spot, managing scaling policies for Kubernetes or turning off machines & deleting orphaned resources). This limits the amount of automated action we can take on your engineer's behalf.

However Archera does highlight orphaned/unused resources & surface right-sizing recommendations to engineering teams, in line with AWS best practices, via an out of the box integration with AWS compute optimizer. Additionally Archera's scenario planner can help engineering teams model the impact of potential infrastructure optimizations alongside commitment & migration options, to prioritize action.

For customers who want to go even deeper with automating these infrastructure & application impacting changes, Archera integrates with a number of automated right-sizing & infrastructure management tools.

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