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What are my GRI billing options if I'm still on AWS Credits?
What are my GRI billing options if I'm still on AWS Credits?

Options to avoid paying GRI Premiums out of pocket

Written by Jim Gallagher
Updated over a week ago

Some of our AWS customers find themselves taking advantage of various credit programs from AWS. These credits allow for "free" usage of AWS tools and services. Since Archera uses the AWS Marketplace to bill customers, some customers can find themselves in a situation where they receive a bill from AWS that was unexpected. This is because in some cases AWS Marketplace transactions are not eligible for certain credit programs (be sure to contact your AWS representative for clarification, and read through the AWS Credits Page for further details).

To support these customers, Archera offers the following option:

If you're fully on credits and those credits don't apply to AWS Marketplace transactions - we will not charge you until you are off credits. In this case we're essentially a "free" way to extend your credits. However, we will track your GRI premiums over time. Once you are off credits we can charge your premiums, either lump sum or on an ongoing amortized basis over the course of the subsequent months.

If you want to resell GRIs while still on credits you'll still need to settle your premiums with us via Marketplace in order to do so.

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