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Do I Need to Grant Archera Access to my GovCloud Account?
Do I Need to Grant Archera Access to my GovCloud Account?

What GovCloud data can Archera pull from my commercial payer account and what do I get by adding Archera's IAM role to my GovCloud accounts?

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Because AWS requires that every GovCloud account is associated with a commercial AWS payer account and the cost & usage data is passed back to that payer account (see more detail in the docs here), if Archera's IAM role is installed on the commercial payer account associated with your GovCloud account it will be able to pull & process cost visibility data to enable platform features like scenario planning/forecasting, cost attribution/monitoring & cloud inventory without any direct access to your GovCloud environment.

However to enable certain Archera features in your GovCloud environment, such as automated commitment management, detailed commitment visibility & resource optimization recommendations, all of which require direct access into the AWS accounts with the associated resources/commitments, you will be required to grant Archera's GovCloud account IAM access to your GovCloud environment.

Granting this additional access is optional and the platform will work for many use-cases such as cost reporting, EDP planning etc. without Archera needing direct IAM access to your GovCloud environment however some key features like commitment optimization will not be available without this access.

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