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How do I get started as an AWS/Archera Channel Partner
How do I get started as an AWS/Archera Channel Partner
Written by Jim Gallagher
Updated over a week ago

Archera loves working with partners! We work almost exclusively through the AWS Marketplace and our partnerships are no different. Oftentimes we get connected with Partners who are interested in working with us but aren't yet setup to transact on the AWS Marketplace. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to get listed on the AWS Marketplace and have the capability to resell software listed there, including Archera! We use a mechanism called the "Channel Partner Private Offer" (CPPO).

For reference, here is the guide from AWS:

We are going to following the steps under "To join CPPO as a Channel Partner". The first step is to get listed as a seller in the AWS Marketplace. You'll need some basic info about your organization and tax/banking information. The AWS portal will guide you through the steps, but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Once complete, the next step is to fill out the following form and indicate that you would like the capability to issue CPPOs. Again, a simple form to fill out. For the last field, "Briefly describe support required", indicate that you are interested in reselling Archera.

From there - the turnaround time is pretty quick, usually an hour or two - but if for whatever reason you don't hear back quickly let us know and we can help push it through. From here you should be all set and ready to join our Partner Program!

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