How to Enable EC2 RI Marketplace
Written by Nikhil Khanna
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To sell back Resale Guaranteed EC2 RIs, you will need to Activate the EC2 RI Marketplace API as the Root User in your AWS Management Account.

In order to activate the EC2 RI Marketplace, you will need

  • The ability to login as the Root User of your AWS management account

  • A business or individual bank account

  • The business or individual tax identification number


Register business

Navigate to the EC2 RI Marketplace seller registration walkthrough and log in as the Root User (not IAM user) of your AWS Account.

Once there, enter your business/individual name and click "Continue".


Add bank account

On the next page, enter your business/individual bank account information and click "Continue".

This will not charge you or result in money being disbursed to this bank account.
It is just a formality since all Guaranteed RIs are No Upfront and we will not be transacting any upfront RIs.


Add Tax Profile

On the confirmation page you will need to click the top "Continue" to start completing your Tax Profile.

Ignore the "Start Listing!" section for now. The EC2 RI Marketplace will not be fully enabled until you Complete Your Tax Profile


Complete Tax Interview

Complete the "About You" and "Tax Identity Information" sections of the Tax Information Interview and then follow the instructions to "Sign and Submit".


Verify activation

Once the Tax Information Interview is completed you should see the following confirmation screen

As a final confirmation, you can navigate back to the the EC2 RI Marketplace seller registration walkthrough.
The walkthrough will contain all your information and should confirm that your Tax Interview is being reviewed.

AWS can take up to 24 hours to enable this API on your account. This step will automatically be marked as completed in your Archera app dashboard once Archera has confirmed access.

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